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Happy Halloween by xeternalflamebryx Happy Halloween :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 3,419 594 Widowmaker : Repainting in 2017 by Krisedge Widowmaker : Repainting in 2017 :iconkrisedge:Krisedge 683 18
delayed (sorry)
been held up, but still working.
I'll keep yous updated
:iconclashmecha:clashmecha 5 9
Life as a Dragon Part 16
In the blink of an eye three years passed since our transformation. We grew, but still were smaller than Reaper. I will say that our height with raised heads were somewhere between two and three meters. If I had to bet, I would choose more than two and a half meters. Colin was quite different. He was an anthro dragon, so he was higher. More or less three and a half meters. Our horns were longer, along our spines from our neck to the end of the tail appeared very short spikes. Not exactly because they were not sharp. It looked like a narrow bulge on which were scales. These were only two exceptions. Lucy still did not have horns and Colin did not have these spikes along his spine. And a really good information. Victor was completely healthy. He could walk without any problem. We changed our schedule a little bit. Two of us went to hunt and two of us stayed in the Reaper’s cave.
From time to time on the island I saw a scarlet T-Rex and David with his family. T-Rex was running pract
:iconkolomans:Kolomans 3 31
zombie2 by SalamanDra-S zombie2 :iconsalamandra-s:SalamanDra-S 76 4
quick update
sorry for taking so long (again) I've been toying with ideas for reworking the DT story (and working on a few other stories too) and I think I've finally got it how I want it.
There's a bit of a delay for the new DA page, but assuming nothing unexpected pops up I'm planning to be fully moved to it by next weekend and have part one of the reworked DT up then too ^_^
So the next update will have a link to the new page (hopefully) on the 10th of june.
Thanks for baring with me on this everyone and I'll see yous later.
:iconclashmecha:clashmecha 6 16
Samurai Jack by o0NeonCola0o Samurai Jack :icono0neoncola0o:o0NeonCola0o 36 6 Pirate Battleship by Ivanuss Pirate Battleship :iconivanuss:Ivanuss 85 11 Peaceful Smile by Jellygay Peaceful Smile :iconjellygay:Jellygay 107 4
Holiday and Dragons Part 10
Ouch. My head. I woke up with a terrible headache. I slowly opened my eyes and realized that something is wrong. I could see more. It was really strange. My nose was different and… grey. What? Using my new eyes I looked around. I was in a grey room with many cabinets and strange machines. It was a kind of laboratory. Where am I? A moment later I noticed that something was wrong with my body. I felt two strange points on my back and one somewhere near the end of the spine. I wanted to raise my head but then I felt, that my neck is attached to the metal table. Ugh… What? I wanted to move my head, but then I felt two points on the back of it. What happened with me? These strange points on my body… Then I heard the sound of the door opening.
   “Okay. Put on him these two collars and we can start.” someone said. His voice was deep. When he stepped next to the table I widely opened my eyes from a shock. It was a lar
:iconkolomans:Kolomans 2 23
LadyHayabusa357 2 by LordHayabusa357 LadyHayabusa357 2 :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 244 20 mercy by wizyakuza mercy :iconwizyakuza:wizyakuza 676 17
being a dragon
a dream to some, a fantasy to others... a few. Well can all agree being a dragon would be awesome but i'm writing this to show why that would be a bad thing...
1 transformation: We don't know how your transformation would happen, may it be in pain or magically unnoticed. From what multiple people think it's going to be a whole lot a pain, I mean, your body will augment in size, your body will change it's shape, you will be mutating your cells and we never know what it might do o your brain...
2 today?: in our days nothing goes unnoticed, at some point while escaping your life you'll probably be filmed or witnessed and it will go on the news, "big dragon here to destroy us". Now that could or can not be true, it's up to you, but where would you escape to? where would you find food water? what makes you think you'll know exactly what to do instinctively? what if you don't know how to hunt? or don't know what can and can't be eaten? you'll probably die of hunger...
3 Moral: l
:iconelectron2002:electron2002 3 20
Counter-Terrorist Force Concept by TitikAwalCreative Counter-Terrorist Force Concept :icontitikawalcreative:TitikAwalCreative 120 2
Life as a Dragon Part 15
We slowly walked along the mountain. Lucy all the time walked next to the crocodile mutant on whose back was Victor. I walked behind them to not disturb. I wanted to say something, but I had no idea what. To the entrance to the cave I walked behind them. When we finally were in front of it appeared a little problem. None of us could pick up Victor. I looked at the crocodile mutant worried.
   “What are we going to do now, mister crocodile?” Lucy asked looking at Victor. In the meantime I walked into the cave to take one of these big leaves. When I entered into the cave on leaves was still lying dead boar. I sniffed his body a few times. It was still fresh. Probably because it was quite cold here. The cave served as a kind of refrigerator. I could not push him out of them, so I bite a piece of leaf where was a fragment of thick stalk and started to pull it. The stone in the cave and the tunnel was very smooth despite the fact, that Reaper walked everyday on it. And
:iconkolomans:Kolomans 1 14
Ariss the Eternal by abigbat Ariss the Eternal :iconabigbat:abigbat 1,112 46


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Why are my notifications on DA not appearing plz send help
What have i done I followed 7 more people to read there Dragon transformation storys. I'm going to be here for a while probely going to finish 1 or 2 every weak


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United States
I love dragons made a deviant art account to follow Clasmecha my faveort artists. I do like drawing but im just not that good at it.


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